5 ways to take care of your air conditioner to be safe during the rainy season

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During the summer (but actually it doesn’t feel like the rainy season yet), we tend to take good care of our air conditioners. And then in the rainy season the weather is cooler. How do we take care of the air conditioner? Let’s see if there is anything that needs special attention or care.

1. The rainy season is a time when the outside air is cooler than during the summer. Therefore, when turning on the air conditioner, the temperature should not be set too low. But the temperature should be adjusted up one degree at a time, adhering to the temperature of the body.

2. Because the rainy season has higher humidity than other seasons. Therefore, you must be careful about electricity or electrical leaks in the machine as well. Because if you touch the air conditioner or air compressor while it is still working, you may get an electric shock. Therefore, ยูฟ่าเบท a ground wire should be installed to prevent those problems.

3. Turn the breaker down immediately when suddenly There was a power outage or power outage while turning on the air conditioner. Because if the power goes out and some air conditioners are still running, it may cause the filter on the cooling coils or air compressor to break.

4. Be careful of water entering the compressor. So when it rains heavily or heavy until flooding And if you place the compressor on the floor The compressor should be raised above the water. or do not allow animals to enter the machine

5. Check whether there is an electric current leak or not. Especially the electrical wires connected to the air conditioner. And it is recommended that the air conditioner should not be installed near flammable substances or objects.