Ange is delighted that the chickens are showing off their fierce form

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Tottenham Hotspur boss Ange Poscekoglu praises his team for their excellent offensive play as usual. The defense has become stronger after getting Christian Romero back, saying that the team’s bad things are getting better and better. Injured players are gradually returning to the team. ufabet

Spurs ended a run of five consecutive winless runs with a 4-1 win over Newcastle United on Sunday. It is considered a good sign that The team’s injured players problem has begun to be resolved.

“I can’t blame the team. Because they tried very hard today. We were more decisive in the front three. I thought Son (Heung-Min) was outstanding and it influenced the rest of the team as well,” Ange said after the game.

“We should have scored more. But even so, his offensive game is as good as it’s been in a while. We’re going to get players back. As you can see Newcastle are still busy with this. We’ve been through it. And hope that we won’t have to go through it again.”

“Both sides of our penalty area did a very good job with Romero coming back to help in this part.” “

We have a game to continue fighting. And in January our players will return. The Premier League doesn’t give in. And the other team doesn’t care if you’re upset.”