Chelsea speed deal Enzo Fernandez the most expensive player

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Chelsea speeding up the deal for Enzo Fernandez the most expensive player in Premier League history.

Chelsea Football Club of English Premier League Football. Set to make an offer at the level Benfica want to sign midfielder Enzo Fernandez. Who emerged from helping Argentina win the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Joining Stamford Bridge. Bridge inside the transfer market This January.

The 21-year-old, World Cup-winning young midfielder, joined Benfica from River Plate in the summer of 2022 for around €10+8m (£15.86m). With a release clause of 120 million euros (about 105 million pounds). If the Blues make an offer to reach that level. Fernandez will immediately become the most valuable player in the Premier League.

However, the latest report from UFABET states. That the Navy Blue Lion Army do not want to pay the full amount of the tear off the contract in any way. They plan to pay in installments. This wonder midfielder deal and are ready to pay more than the £105 million release clause if Benfica accepts the green light on the condition that

Fernande’s agency H show a desire to keep. This world champion midfielder to stay with the team. After just moving to join the army last summer and could immediately become an important force for the team.